January 24, 2022

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The Kashmir Conflict is not only the timeworn dispute pending before the United Nations (UN), but is also an unfinished agenda of partition of the sub-continent. Besides being the longest and unresolved dispute in the World, the Kashmir dispute is a source of enmity between two neighboring countries of South Asia; India and Pakistan. People of the State of Jammu and Kashmir have been struggling for their right to self-determination from more than six decades. There is a great deal of deadlock between India and Pakistan for the resolution of Kashmir dispute since 1947. As a prelude to this, the defining feature of the “International Journal of Kashmir Studies” seeks to provide a forum for academic research publications on issues and problems primarily relating to Kashmir conflict. PRF welcomes contributions by researchers, academicians, administrators, policy makers and all others interested in promoting better understanding in managing, transforming and resolving Kashmir conflict. The Journal of Kashmir Studies is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary (integrated art, humanities and social science) peer reviewed bi-annually published research journal own by the Policy and Research Forum (PRF). Research published by the Journal encompasses (but not limited to) the research themes relating Kashmir conflict such as:  


  • International Affairs (relations/ linkages)
  • Political Studies (Geopolitics, Political Economy and other dynamics)
  • Diplomacy and Public Advocacy
  • Security Paradigm
  • Defense and Strategic Studies
  • Law based Approaches
  • Peace and Conflict Studies (in the perspectives of History, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Art, Culture, Archeology, Heritage, Religion, Development, Business, Trade, Commerce, Languages, Disaster Management, Climate, Environment, Geography Media and Mass Communication and Education etc.)
  • Governance and Economy (including micro and macroeconomics)
  • Self-determination and other solidarity rights
  • Public International Law (including human rights and humanitarian laws and intergovernmental organizations)

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